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Why Off Site SEO Is Important

Have you been struggling to improve your search engine rankings only to find your results dead in the water?

This is where off site SEO comes in handy. By the way, off-site SEO includes tactics such as social media, backlinks and advertising. However, usually when the term is used the person that is using it is referring to backlinks. Here are a few reasons that it makes sense to stay on top of your off site SEO.

Helps you Get Crawled

Search engine crawlers or spiders are digital robots whose job is to scour the entire web and report every website change that they see back to the search engines. When a search engine spider crawls someone else’s website and notices that it references your website, with a link, this sends a signal to the search engine about the relevance of your website.

Can Get You Traffic

Even if having a backlink on someone else’s website does not improve to your search engine rankings, you may still get other benefits from having your site mentioned there. One of the biggest non-SEO benefits is website traffic. While having a link to your website placed on someone else’s site is certainly helpful, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get new visits from this other person’s website. However, if the link makes sense it does increase your chances of getting new traffic.

Can Build Your Authority

If you have a page that has been shared hundreds of times by various social networkers, this goes a long way towards helping to establish the authority of that web page. In the past the only thing that you could expect from this sort of social proof was website traffic. However, today search engines include social signals such as Facebook likes or Twitter shares into their ranking algorithms.

Gives You an Edge Over Anyone Who Ignores It

All other things being the same, if you compare the search engine rankings of a website with weak off site SEO to a website that has a strong offsite link profile, the one with the strong offsite optimization almost always wins. Believe it or not there are numerous websites that focus solely on onsite SEO tactics but completely neglect to pay attention to their off-site SEO.

This is especially true in the post-Panda era, since so many webmasters are afraid that their linkbuilding efforts could get them penalized. You can use this to your advantage by incorporating offsite search engine optimization tactics into your overall web marketing strategy.

While this list is in no way meant to be all-inclusive, at least you are now aware of the main reasons to utilize off site SEO. Also, one word of advice – off site SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. So once you make the decision to begin your offsite SEO campaign remember to take things one step at a time. Not only is this practical from a logistical standpoint but it’s also good from a search engine perspective.

SEO tactics can be several. While adding on the right techniques are important at the time a website is formed, the off site technique come of use when you wish to build your page ranking and association with other sites. As the article points out, the activities linked to offsite SEO tactics take time and might not be directly linked to website indexing with search engines. However it is necessary to build a credible presence online as well as to increase exposure of one’s website.

If you wish to learn more about off site SEO techniques, opt for a SEO Training & Certification course. This in turn will help one to understand the different techniques and methods associated with SEO. It also provides an outlet for one to understand how to use various SEO tools that are available. Ongoing efforts are vital in order to keep up SEO features for one’s website.

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