Ways to Create Powerful Headlines for Your Content

The goal of a headline is to make people stop and pay attention to it, just like a road sign makes drivers pay attention to it. As the internet is filled with articles and our social media timelines are featuring dozens of headlines, you need to have an amazing title. Otherwise, it will be lost among hundreds of other headlines, being invisible to your audience. According to studies, 80% of the internet users are reading the headlines, but only 20% of them are actually clicking on them and read the articles. With this in mind, you really have to upgrade the way you compose your headlines, if you want to make your voice heard online. Here are few tips to create catchy & powerful headlines for your content.

Use the Power of Studies and Numbers

Did you noticed how I attracted you with those percentages? Using numbers is a great way to attract users, as the numbers stand out from the text. Moreover, humans like to see things which can be quantified, so they are more likely to respond to a title that offers exact numbers, than to one that offers only text.

For example:

Reasons why the IT niche is more profitable vs 10  Reasons why the IT niche is 80% more profitable

Another fact is people love exact science, so giving them the results of real studies is going to make you a reliable source, thus, your audience is more likely to pay attention to your content.

At the same time, the higher the numbers in the headline, the more attractive the title will be.

State the Benefit of Your Article

When you are writing, you need to think why there are people online? What are they doing online? Most of the times, they are looking for a solution, an advice or they are simply bored. Address them by solving these issues and showing them you have the solutions.

This is done by stating the benefits in the headline. The best structure for an attractive headline is Identify the Problem, then Offer Solution.

For example: Why aren’t people clicking on your link when it’s optimized

Use Emotions to Bond With Your Audience

Humans react to emotions and they are known to even buy as result of emotions. So, they can also be attracted to click on a headline as the result of an emotion. You can trigger an action with words like Mindblowing, Powerful, Effective, Forever.

A headline like: 10 Mindblowing Tips To Boost Your Productivity by 80% is going to work like a charm.

However, make sure you don’t overuse these words: more than one or two strong words is going to make the entire headline lose its effectiveness.

Use Questions Instead of Statements

Another way to attract the audience is to use questions as headlines. The other principles are still valid in this case: you can choose to use strong words or ask questions that will create an emotion. Either way, the goal of this method is to grab the reader’s attention by stirring up his or her curiosity on the topic.

For example, a good headline is, Are you wondering how to write a powerful headlines?

The reason why this works is that by asking a question in the headline, you are going to answer it in the article, thus providing a solution to a problem.

Use a Controversy

Controversy sells or, in our case, it converts to clicks. We are already used to see controversial topics at TV, so when you create a controversial headline, people are going to click on it, in order to see which idea is put to question and who challenges the traditional beliefs.

An example of controversial headline is this one, where the traditional belief is denied: SEO is the biggest lie of online marketing (here is what actually works).

If you gamble it on controversial headlines, you need to make sure you are not abusing them: one shocking headline is enough for couple of weeks. Too many controversial titles will ruin your credibility and deter readers.


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