Penguin is Now Updated : Google Penguin 4.0

Google search engine relies on a number of signals which enable the platform to find what you are looking for. Page rank, keywords, the age of the content and the location are part of the algorithms used by Google to bring to surface the best results. Penguin, which was launched in 2012 and is part of the signals used by Google, is now updated.

The new update comes in all languages and includes changes that were long time expected by webmasters around the world.

Penguin is now working in real time

The sites affected by Penguin 4.0 were refreshed at the same time. While most Google algorithms took into consideration the slightest changes done on a website, Penguin had to be refreshed. The update on Penguin now allows this refresh to be made in real time, so the changes will become visible faster.

Penguin is now granular, as it will devalue spam adjusting the ranking, not affecting the entire site, as it did before.

These changes are meant to help webmasters around the world and encourage them to provide high quality content. As you will rejoice reading these news, remember that Google has more than 200 signals, Penguin being only one of them.

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