How to Get Your Post Published on High Authority Sites ?

If45 you have a business and you are working on increasing your online presence you are probably familiar with the term “outreach marketing”. Outreach marketing is based on the new way people consume goods and services, focusing on the human approach to marketing and sales. This strategy helps entrepreneurs connect with their audience and increase their prospects. How it works? Well, it’s all about influencers and high authority sites: people now react on recommendations, especially when they come from authors who publish on large, important sites, such as Huffington Post or Lifehack.

What makes the difference for high authority sites

Having a good website and an informative blog section is not enough to get leads, you need to connect with your audience. Traffic is everything in online marketing, as this is what gets you leads and exposes your business to people interested in what you have to offer. Guest posts on high authority sites are the perfect tool to get you the exposure your business needs, both from the readers’ perspective and from the crawler’s perspective. A guest post is going to increase your traffic and your search engine rank, as long as you know how to get your post published on these sites.

How to get published on big media outlets

The most important thing you need when you want to get published on a high authority site is an amazing article. It needs to be niche specific for your business, relevant for both your business and your target audience, informative and well-written. But a strong article is not enough to get published. Here is what else you need to do to ensure your success.

Stalk the website

Stalking is not a bad thing when you are trying to get your article published on a HA site. Before you even start writing the article, begin to read the articles published on the HA site you are aiming. Don’t read all the articles, just those in your own niche column, for example Fashion or Money. When you read the articles first read them as a regular user, then re-read them, paying attention to the article structure, the words used and the main topics. When you are reading the articles you can also start commenting on them. However, only comment if you really have something to say about the article.

Mirror the structure of the articles

After a solid period of “stalking” the articles, you can advance to mirroring their structure. Copy and paste each article in a word editor and check the word count, the paragraph spacing and breaking, the phrasing of the title and subtitles, the number of subtitles and virtually all the details you can see. Then, start practicing with your own writing style, mimicking the details seen. You can post the practice articles on your own blog. This exercise will help you get used to the style of the high authority site you want to publish on. This might be lucrative, but it will ensure your article needs minimum editing, which is always a plus when you are applying on a large site, where hundreds of people send pitches.

Learn to write a pitch email

There is no recipe for writing a perfect pitch email, but you can do your best, creating an out-of-the-box email. Keep things short and straight to the point, as editors from large sites don’t have a lot of time. On the other hand, you need to write something that will attract the reader and will make him/her open your attachment. An example of pitch email would be this one:

“Hi Team,

Thank you for reading my pitch email. I wanted to share my unique experience of breastfeeding. While most people do this, I was lead by life to take a different approach – describe it a little. I shared it all in the attachment of this email.

Thank you for your time,
Best wishes”

After you send the pitch, be prepared to wait – high authority sites receive lots of unsolicited pitches and their teams have a hard time reading them. It may takes weeks, even couple of months for your email to be opened and reviewed. Also, in most cases, the editors won’t have the time to send a reply, even a negative one, so remember this as you wait.

Add your personal information to the pitch

Before you hit the send button, make sure you add a short bio of yourself and a headshot. If your article will be published, the editor will thank you for adding these to your initial pitch and not having to send another mail to ask you for them.

Last, but not least

After your first article is published, you will have an author account on the high authority site, which will enable you to pitch directly on the site. Being a publisher on a HA site is beneficial for any entrepreneur, so don’t abandon the account. Publishing on regular basis is going to boost your influence in the market. The biggest challenge is to find the uniqueness in your story – we all have a special, inspirational story, but most of us are not aware of it. Take your time to write and polish each article, making sure it mirrors the style of the site, but it’s written in your own words.

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